The perfect equestrian show location

10 november 2016

Published in DSHS Magazine 2016

Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen

Vision, courage and perseverance are necessary in order to enable a plan in which so many investors, governments and opinions are involved to succeed. Yet, in the Dutch province of Limburg they have managed to create a stunning, state of the art, equestrian complex that is unique in the Netherlands. It is situated in Kronenberg, to be precise, and is a 50 minute drive from both Eindhoven as well as Düsseldorf Airport. The centre is an equestrian complex where the focus lies on regional, national and international equestrianism. Sport and business come together here and sports horses gain new experiences. But soon you will also be able to attend a trade fair or concert by your favourite band here.

This project is a good example of how the public and private sectors have joined forces. The total project cost 7.5 million Euros. The government contributed on the condition that the sector itself also invested. It worked. See the result in this article.

The region North and Mid-Limburg had used Equestrian Centre ‘De Leistert’ in Roggel since 1989. But in mid-2012 that centre closed due to the expansion of a bungalow park. This meant the end of a Limburg equestrian attraction. In the September of that same year, the first brick was laid for a new equestrian complex in the Belgian Obglabbeek, called Sentower Park. Thirteen months later it was completed. Sentower Park is just a 50 minute drive from Roggel.

img_5558‘We want a bit of the action too’ is what the Limburg equestrian entrepreneurs must have thought after ‘De Leistert’ closed. They thought to be able to realise it. Not for nothing, Limburg is the cradle of succesful international riders as Yves Houtacker, Leon Thijssen, Leopold and Mathijs van Asten, Emile, Tim and Michel Hendrix, Rob Ehrens, Aniek and Carolien Poels. They have won their spurs in the sport and who, in addition to the sport, also do a lot of business. Sport and business go hand in hand and having many activities close to home is good for everyone. The rider can train his horses, the competitions attract buyers, the dealer can meet the buyers. And so a great ambition was born; a state of the art equestrian complex in Kronenberg.

But great ambitions such as these require great budgets too. The project was met with approval from the government. The municipality and the province could not deny the strength of the equestrian sector. The trade, work opportunities and economic prosperity that it brings to the region has done nothing but grow over the past decade. This led to the municipality of Horst aan de Maas being prepared to invest in the equestrian business sector. Furthermore, the province of Limburg also provided a substantial contribution. The condition for the cooperation was an investment from the sector itself. Those responsible in the region put their backs into it and managed to find sufficient participants. The construction of Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen began in August 2014.

In November 2015 the first competition was held, with over 1200 starts in just one weekend. The atmosphere at the centre is quite relaxed despite all the bustle. This is mainly due to the way the complex has been set out, the cosy restaurant and the perfect infrastructure. It is the perfect location for events whether equestrian or non-equestrian activities. One of the arenas, for example, is equipped with a concrete floor and the sand covering can be removed in just a couple of hours. Maybe you will soon be rocking to the music of your favourite band!

luc_8612The ambitions are big but realistic: the first CSI2* competitions are being organised in March 2016. Who knows where it will end? De Peelbergen is inspiring other equestrian entrepreneurs. There are unofficial reports of a similar project in the North of the Netherlands. We should simply encourage this. Together you can always go further than alone. The Netherlands is simply reinforcing its position as prominent international horse supplier.

Table for two sir?
Plan a visit to Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen the next time you are in the Netherlands. It is certainly worth it. The cosy restaurant is the beating heart of the complex. Here you will be gastronomically pampered. Delicious food while watching beautiful sport; what could be better?





The property comes with 15 hectares of land. Including an eventing course.

Indoor arenas
There are 3 indoor arenas. 2 measuring 75x35m. The central arena is 120x40m.

Outdoor arenas
There are 4 indoor arenas. 2 measuring 100x50m and 2 warm-up arenas measuring 60x40m.

Parking spaces
The facility offers 600 parking spaces for cars and another 150 for trucks.