Stal Hendrix Honoured

27 September 2010

Stal Hendrix was declared Equestrian Entrepreneur of the Year 2010. The other members in the Dutch Sport Horse Sales organisation had, as a surprise for Paul and Emile Hendrix and their partners Saskia and Hilde, organised a tribute.

Following the handover of the cheque to the charity Stichting MS Research, the Hendrix family were placed in the limelight. Mr Gordijn praised them on behalf of Neil Jones, Yves Houtackers, Björn van Kessel and Yvonne van Bergen. Dutch Sport Horse Sales is proud of the fact that thanks to these horsemen DSHS has become a worldwide notion in the equestrian world.

A beautiful collage entitled: “A crowning of your expertise” and beautiful photographs of the accommodation in Baarlo and in Kessel was presented to them.