Kristin Nyberg & Mathijs van Asten

27 July 2011

 ‘DSHS is a wonderful opportunity to see talented young horses in one group.’
The Swedish show jumper Kristin Nyberg runs a training and dealing yard in IJsselstein in North Limburg, together with her partner and international show jumper Mathijs van Asten.
Kristin Nyberg bought Aysatti (No Limit x Creool x Casimir) and Zico ( Casco x Calvados x Goodwill) during the Dutch Sport Horse Sales 2009. Kristin says enthusiastically: ‘I think that it is a wonderful opportunity for us to see the selected talented young horses in one group together. My experience with the DSHS horses is that they are well-trained by professional riders, the horses are already working to schedule and can therefore easily progress up to a higher level. The DVD which we watch corresponds to the reality when you go to try the horse; you get what you see.
Kristin Nyberg - AysattiMathijs van Asten continues: ‘I think that Aysatti, who came fourth in the World Breeding Championship in Lanaken last year, is going to be a very good horse with the capacity to progress to the higher level work’. Kristin: ‘Zico has also developed tremendously; Zico is not only a very beautiful horse but also possesses tremendous qualities over the jump. The future looks good for me with two such talented horses on the yard’.
Mathijs van Asten: ‘We are continuously searching for young talent, so we will certainly be following the new collection of DSHS horses this year too’ Kristin finishes: ‘In Sweden the DSHS-purchased horses have also been noticed and several people have enquired as to where my horses come from. They too want to invest in young talent and will certainly be joining us at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales this year.’
 Kristin Nyberg & Mathijs van Asten