Final victory before the end of the year for Ronan McGuigan

24 December 2014

December 24th 2014

The team Ronan McGuigan and Capall Zidane (Concorde x Baloubet du Rouet) have had an incredible year. But they have added another victory to their long list of wins.

The Irish rider and his horse that was bought at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales won the $25.000 Grand Prix during the Holiday Festival in Wellington (Florida).

Describing the first round course, McGuigan detailed, “It was a little smaller than it was on Thursday here or there, but the later half of the course was quite technical. Most people were able to jump around the first seven or eight jumps okay and then the last five or six jumps were tough. There was a plank at the gate with a short five stride that took a lot of people out. The very last fence, the in-and-out, was short and that also took a lot of people out. It was a nice course. He started nicely and then built you up and got a little more technical at the end.”

On Sunday, McGuigan also had the added bonus of having his parents there to see his win.?”My mom and dad came in as a surprise. I didn’t know they were coming, so they were there today to be able to watch that,” the rider smiled. “I think that is the first time they have ever seen me win a class, so that was nice for them.”

Ronan McGuigan and Capall Zidane