Dutch Sport Horse Sales Horses successful in Wellington

4 February 2015

Tuesday February 4th 2015

Two horses that were sold at the DSHS last year competed in the 6-year-old competition in Wellington last weekend. Laura Kraut competed with Jule van den Tinnenpot by Calvaro (also known asCalvé) and Ronan McGuigan rode the 6-year-old Last Orders HX by Ustinov (also known as Elliot HX).

32 competitors took part in this competition, 16 placed themselves for the jump-off.  At the end Laura and Jule van den Tinnepot went threw the finish with a time of 28,892 seconds and won. Ronan and Last Order HX became second with a time of 29,583 seconds.

Nick Skelton and Elkenny were placed fifth. Elkenny was sold via Stal Hendrix several years ago.

The Dutch Sport Horse Sales and Stal Hendrix congratulate these riders with their wonderful achievements.