DSHS collection impresses during presentation

25 September 2017

The 26 top talents from the 2017 collection of Dutch Sport Horse Sales have been presented successfully under the saddle tonight. With the explanation of Paul Hendrix, the auction horses once again showed their jumping qualities. The presentation has been broadcast live and can be watched on ClipMyHorse.

Hundreds of visitors attended the Equestrian Center De Peelbergen in Kronenberg (NL) to see the auction horses in action. Also through the livestream, there was a lot of interest for the outstanding collection, which includes several champions like Gloed (s.Indoctro) and Idagonda (s.Zirocco Blue). In view of the quality of the horses and the international interest for them, the expectations for the 14th edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales are very high.

On Tuesday, September the 26th, the auction will start at 19.30pm. Just like the presentation, it will be broadcasted live on ClipMyHorse.

Through this link the presentation is available free of charge, in its entirety and per horse.