Ronan McGuigan and Don Juan VL unbeatable in Princeton

22 September 2014

September 22nd 2014

The Irish rider Ronan McGuigan and his horse Don Juan VL were a too strong combination for the other competitors during the six-year-old classes in Princeton (USA) last week. They were the best duo over three days. But there was more: McGuigan also won the final with the horse that was bought at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales: Don Juan VL (Canturano x Indorado).

Ronan McGuigan about Don Juan VL: “He developed very well since Blythe Masters bought him in 2013. It is a horse that shows just that extra dedication in the arena. He has the right character and always gives a 100%”.

The 2014-edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales is being held tomorrow in the Dutch city of Weert.