Dutch Sport Horse Sales to be followed via Dynamic Auction Information

14 August 2015

Just like the last two years, the Dutch Sport Horse Sales (September 22nd)  will provide the service Dynamic Auction Information (DAI).

Interested remote spectators and potential buyers will be able to follow the auction optimally, via this innovative system. A ‘usual’ livestream is always dealing with a time lag of about 15 seconds, however, DAI is real-time. Furthermore, it does not only show the current bid, but it even specifies its origin to the particular part of the audience.

Through these three characteristics, the auction will become much more clear and transparent, especially to the foreign audience. When being a potential remote buyer, willing to buy by telephone, the win-side is even bigger. Through DAI, they acquire the same information as present bidders do. This takes away the disadvantage of being remote, and it puts the remote bidder in a much more favourable position.

For more information concerning Dynamic Auction Information
For more information concerning bidding by telephone

DAI Auction System
Dynamic Auction information will be present during the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.