“DSHS-horses perform superbly all over the world. You can’t avoid that fact”

13 August 2015

Norway is well-known for its beautiful Fjords, rich culture and special location. Showjumping fans think of Geir Gulliksen, Morten Djupvik and Line Raaholt when you mention Norway. In this article, we would like to give the word to this last lady. She tells about her link to the Dutch Sport Horse Sales and the purchase of her, now 8-year-old talent.

The 32-year-old showjumper lives in the capital Oslo with her husband Lars Petter. She is part of the top of Norwegian senior showjumping for quite some years now despite her young age. She takes part in international shows such as Valkenswaard, Estoril, Monaco and Abu Dhabi, competing with her horses Blue Thunder, Diego Forever and Abrisco V.

Line knew what she wanted to become from an early age: “I sat on my first pony when I was five. I loved it. I rose from ponies, to juniors, young riders and seniors. I still enjoy the work I am allowed to do every day.”

Line Raaholt

Line Raaholt

Three years ago, in 2012, she bought Cupido (Harley VDL x Ircolando). The son of Harley VDL was sold to her in Weert during the Dutch Sport Horse Sales. Line explains how she came into contact with the auction: “Because I think it is necessary to always improve myself as a rider, I lived in The Netherlands for 2,5 years to train with Yves Houtackers. Yves was really enthusiastic about the collection. I always keep my eyes open for young talent, as it is hard to find. I liked Cupido from the very start. With Yves’s advice, we decided to go for Cupido in the auction. I am still very happy with him. He is eight now and we compete in ranking classes at 1.45m and 1.50m level. He is very good to me. He is dedicated and has a wonderful character. A real horse for the future!”

Line spends most of her time in Drammen. It is about a half hour drive from Oslo. She rents eight boxes at Geir Gulliksen’s yard. “I have been training with Geir since I was 18. That man has taught me so much. For me, it is perfect to stable my horses there.”

Will Line come to the auction this year? “Yes, for me it is the perfect way to find young talented showjumpers. As a client you can rely on the quality of the horses. DSHS-horses perform superbly all over the world. You can’t avoid that fact. I travel to The Netherlands as Norway does not have an auction of this type. I think it is a real achievement that Paul, Emile, Neil and Yves are able to gather such a strong collection every year. That requires lots of knowledge and passion.”