Collection Dutch Sport Horse Sales 2014 online

14 August 2014

August 14th 2014

The collection of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales 2014 in online as of today. Anyone who wishes to see it can visit www.dutchsporthorsesales.comto view pictures, pedigrees and videos of the 31 young talented showjumpers.

In total 31 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old horses will be auctioned on September 23rd. The preview of the horses will be held one day prior to the auction. Last years edition was a great success; the horses found their way into the world from the auction location in the Dutch city of Weert. The annual Dutch Sport Horse Sales already brought many horses that now act on Grand Prix level.

This year’s collection has also been selected by Paul & Emile Hendrix, Yves Houtackers and Neil Jones. Every single member of the committee is an expert in the field of trading of jumping horses. Their experience and knowledge is of big value to the auction.

All 31 horses can be found on the website of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.