Bidding by telephone? Get in touch, and be well informed!

22 September 2015

With the purpose to provide the remote public with the same information as the present bidders, the Dutch Sport Horse Sales is offering DAI’s services.

Interested remote bidders are updated in real-time with recent bidding information, and overcome the time-lag of a livestream. Additionally, it shows the origin of the bid, and it registrates the previous bids. This enables and optimizes the position of the remote public to participate in the bidding game. Transparency is enhanced tremendously!

Last minute participation is enabled as well, through our ‘Get-in-Touch’ button. Please find this button in the topright corner, and we will help you out and ensure you are well equipped to participate! Want to speak to someone directly? Please don’t hesitate to call Luc van Moorsel: +31 (0)6 26 29 21 26.

DAI will be live tonight at 19:30 hrs Central European Time at