Color Bay
Height L
Gender Gelding
Birthdate 2017
Studbook KWPN
Catalogue Number 12

Markanto A - Information & Pedigree

This well-developed and appealing Markanto A impresses with his self carriage in his canter, his correct way of jumping, and generous scope. He is already performing well in the young horse classes and has a brilliant future ahead of him. Sire George was trained at Stal Hendrix and then exported to England where he competed in 2* Grand Prix with Kelly Connor. From a limited number of coverings George delivered several striking horses, Markanto A certainly being one of those. On his mother’s side, this 6-year-old gelding represents the very strong Karla line, known for the Grand Prix sport and breeding stallion Mr.Blue (s.Couperus). Dam Pikarla previously produced the 1.40m showjumping horse Ekarla v/d Horst (s.Canturano) ridden by Annika Axelsson and appears in the second generation behind the 1.40/1.45m horses Candetto Z (s.Canturo) and Valuas vd Horst Z (by Verdi). Pikarla is a full sister of the 1.50m horse Online ridden by Francie Steinwedell. The 1.60m stallion Whisper In The Wind (s.Cobretti) ridden by Mennell Watson, also comes from this family.

George Vittorio Calippo
Ma Belle
R.Amelusiena 6 Caretino
Pikarla Indoctro Capitol I
Vanessa VII
Tykarla Nimmerdor

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