Color Bay
Height M
Gender Gelding
Birthdate 01-06-2006
Catalogue Number 05

Bright Eyes - Information & Pedigree

Bright Eyes is a beautifully-modelled son of the jumping stallion Vittorio, who, at his young age, is already causing a sensation in the jumping sport. With much ability, a fantastic take-off and much elasticity over the jump, Bright Eyes shows that he has everything at his disposal for a career in the jumping sport. Through his mother Uschi, Bright Eyes goes back to the jumping stallions Ircolando and Zuidhorn and his pedigree is valuably rooted in the stallion Maykel.

Vittorio Calippo Concerto II
Gunda IV
Ma Belle Martel xx
Beauty I
Uschi Ircolando Casimir
Limona Zuidhorn

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