Color Chestnut
Height M
Gender Stallion
Birthdate 26-05-2005
Catalogue Number 23

Amidam - Information & Pedigree

Amidam, as finalist in the Stal Hendrix Competition, has a very unique bond, being the brother of Authentic, Ninja la Silla and Armani. On his dam’s side, his pedigree has its foundations in the great Dutch names Burggraaf, Nimmerdor and Lucky Boy xx. The nice-looking Amidam, with his exceptional way of jumping, his superb ability over the jump, and his elasticity, has earned himself the name as an exceptional sports horse in this collection. Through his mother Pardilla, Amidam goes back to a dam-line that produced many top horses.

Guidam Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Fougere Venutard
Pardilla Burggraaf Landgraf I
Kim Nimmerdor

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